A) The minimum size of stage is 450cm(width) ~ 350cm(depth)
~ 50-60cm(height).

B) The whole stage should be dark.

C) 5 hours are necessary for setting the decorations,
checking the lights, sound, and rehearsal.
I need 1 lighting-technician and 1 sound-technician from your staff.
If he has experiences about all techniques,
it's possible by the same person.

D) Please prepare lights and sound equipments by your side
(cf. attached stage plan).
About the lighting, I need 8 lights of 500w with the convex lens
(Spot) and wings, 6 circuits in console, 2 high stands about 2m
and 4 low stands for floor lights.
About the color filter, I need one orange for No.4 and one blue for No.5.
1 direct electric AC line for OHP (Over Head Projector).
About the sound, a mini-disk player, an amplifier and 2 speakers.
Please set the speakers on the left and the right backside of the stage.

E) Please prepare OHP (Over Head Projector, they often use it in the
school. cf. attached photo) as bright type as possible.

F) Please prepare a wooden or metal stick (250-300cm) to hang
from the ceiling. I will put the paper-roll on it.
The weight of paper-roll is just a few kg.

G) Please clean up the stage before and after setting the decorations.
After setting, don't walk on the stage with shoes,
because the performance is played by Japanese style with barefoot.

If you have any difficulty, please contact me.
The plan could be flexible but I should know it in advance.
Thank you very much for your cooperation !