Feedback from Chicago

From the audience for Nori Sawa's "Fairy Tales" show, Friday Nov.7.2008.

"I wasn't sure exactly what to expect. The puppets were much more elaborate
and the acting/interacting by Mr. Sawa was much greater than many puppet
performances I have seen. I loved that he took the familiar fairy tale themes
and gave them new life with a great deal of innovation and humor.
I also love how he wove several cultures into each performance (Japanese,
Czech, etc.). My kids are 8 and 5 and they both LOVED the show.
They laughed out loud and really got the humor, as well as being mesmerized by
the wonderful puppets and props."

"I was very impressed. I loved the marvelous way he shifted between being
a character in the scene and being the puppeteer with the veil down over his
eyes. Mr Sawa's interaction with the audience between scenes was very
comforting and funny - it really gave us permission to laugh and respond to
the pieces. The dragon umbrellas were incredibly cool - they were simple
looking puppets, but incredibly visceral - They were an absolute delight and
I could really imagine them flying about on their own . . . it was like there were
times when Mr. Sawa just disappeared and it was just the puppets.
I was very impressed. I'd be interested in any workshop that let me touch a
puppet and see how it works. I'd also be interested in seeing more Bunraku
if you can get some of those guys over here. I liked the puppets doing stories
I knew - but I'd be interested in seeing children's stories from other cultures
done that way too."

"I totally loved it. I loved that Mr. Sawa used so many different kinds of puppets,
that he made them himself, sometimes in view of the audience, that they
transformed. His patter in between acts was delightful. I brought a friend's 9 year
old daughter. She loved the performance and giggled throughout. She seemed
especially to like the skit in which Mr. Sawa put a crab puppet on his head,
spewed water, wore goggles, and pretended to swim.
Given the chance, I would rush to see Mr. Sawa in any performance he did."

"I attended with my 4 and 7 year old boys. They loved it. I asked my 7 year old
what the best part about it was and he said, "The puppeteer." It was true.
He is so full of life, youthfulness and heart."

"[The show was] thrilling. Pleasant to both adults and kids. My son (3 years old)
passed by a poster with Mr. Sawa dressed in a "crab" costume and he recognized
him immediately and shouted: 'That's him!' ".